Thursday, January 21, 2010


New Furniture.........At Last!!

Finally, we bought furniture for the girls' room! We love it and so do they. Of course, they'll have this stuff until college!! Nice furniture is very pricey! But, it was such a great investment. The girls were so excited when they came home from school to find their room all set up. We even went to Target and got them bedspreads, sheets, and new pillows! was fun! I never had a room like this. My stuff was used and old. (which is totally fine). But it's nice to really dress up a little girls room!

Personal Goals 2010

I wasn't going to publish this but then I thought "why not?!". If I publish it then I'll me more likely to stick to it. I do have a few goals this year. I don't really refer to them as "New Years Resolutions". These are goals and hopes, along with a few pipe dreams!! I usually begin my goals in Dec. of the current year. So I started back in December and hope to keep on going. So, here we go people!

1. Become a better keeper of the Word by memorizing some key verses and getting into my Greek and study materials from college etc.......

2. Fast more often with my husband. I think it's vital for couples to pray and FAST together. I'm embarrassed to admit that we haven't really developed that as a habit but we are this year. (I know that's a pretty personal one)

3. I will take better care of my skin. I live in nasty hot weather and there is no moisture in the air in Phoenix, AZ. I refuse to turn into a prune by the age of 40. I'm gonna wear sunscreen every day (rain or shine) and wear a hat at the pool this year.

4. Read, read, read, read!!! I have been terrible this year at reading. I'm gonna finish my book called "Don't Know Much About History" and would love to read up some more about American History.

5. Eat as much Whole Foods and possible. I'd love to have the family eating veggies and fruit everyday and meat 1 a week. We're gonna invest in Juice Plus this year and get healthy!

6. Take more initiative in doing "one-on-one" with the kids. They are still wanting that individual attention. I took Mia to McDonalds the other day (I know....super healthy) and she loved it!

7. Compete in 2-4 races this year. I'd love to do the half-irongirl in October but it's so very expensive!! I'm running a half-marathon at the end of January.

8. Stick to my grocery budget each month. This one will be tricky!! I only pay with cash, so that should help.

9. Give more to others!

Freaks or Frogs??

I can already hear the future with our kids. It sounds like this "oh mom, do you always have to MAKE the cupcakes?? Why can't we be normal like everyone else and get them from the cake store?!!" Yep, I'm attempting to make froggy cupcakes for Kennedy's teacher's b-day. I'm not sure if they look like frogs though??!! The truth is.........I really do enjoy baking and taking on new challenges, such as decorating a cupcake. Honestly, I stink at it, however, I can only get better! I'm determined to make my kids' cakes for each b-day. I love doing it; and I know that my cakes will be special and made with love! This year, Kennedy wants me to make my famous ice-cream cake and put roses on top. Well, thanks to my friend, Michaela, who is amazing at cake decorating, I'm going to a cake decorating store. She found a store that sells all the really cool stuff. So I can now go and buy the tips and piping bags and make roses for Kennedy. She'll think I'm the stuff!! hahaha I cannot wait.

A Dog's Life

Well, our kids surely do live "the life". Of course our dog is spoiled rotten too. I took this picture of Clifford Yoda Gator and my "almost 2yr old", Lincoln, as they looked out the window in deep thought. They were actually waiting for Paul and the girls to return home with the pizza. They were a bit dismayed when the front door shut in front of them, only to see the girls and daddy drive away!! So...we waited and then with deep anticipation, clapped when daddy drove up with the pizza.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Goodbye Yesterday.......Hello Today

Looking back on last year, I can honestly say that so much was learned. We are learning to be thankful for what we do have instead of wishing today away and hoping for what we may never have. I love to hope but let's enjoy what is in our arms right this minute. I will cherish the wet and sloppy kisses that Linc. gives me. I will cherish the loud giggles that are coming from the girls' room at 9pm. I will cherish Paul's warmth right next to me when I wake up in the middle of the night. I will most certainly cherish our friends here in AZ! We've made some real keepers and hope to have life-long relationships with them. I will cherish the friends we have made before our journey to AZ. I cherish our health. I cherish the opportunity to serve. I do cherish Paul's job too! This year, we are hunkering down and focusing on the kids and some pretty darn beautiful relationships that God has blessed us with. IN fact, we are not having any family in town for the holidays this year. We hope to spend them with friends. We will cherish our extended family on different days this year (not the holidays). We will cherish one another as much as possible. I already love 2010. I hope to see miracles this year, esp. with our friends the McRaes!!

Alexander Family Mission

God created the Alexander Family to: love Him, imitate Him, and to serve others first. Mark 12:29-31 "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and wit all your mind and with all your strength. Teh second is that you shall love your neighbor as yourself. There is NO other commandment greater than these."

After some alone time together this summer and some time this fall, we've come up with our family purpose! We are aiming to thread this statement into all we do as Alexanders.

These are the Character Traits that we hope to see grow into our kiddies!We have put them in kid terms and hope to teach them to our kids. Now you can know exactly how to pray for us!!

1. Alexanders always tell the truth.
2. Alexanders show compassion on everyone.
3. Alexanders are reliable- we keep our word.
4. Alexanders use self-control- no matter what.
5. Alexanders strive to be humble- we don't brag or show off.
6. Alexanders make wise choices.
7. Alexanders are strong; we never give up.
8. Alexanders like to have fun!

King Nebuchadnezzar

I don't normally 'journal' my personal thoughts on here. But recently, I've felt moved to do so. I go. Not that anyone really reads this crud anyhow! I've been reading through Daniel and am completely enamored at how God moves through us and uses such weak vessels, like ourselves to bring honor/glory to His name. I am especially touched today after reading about Nebuchadnezzar. What a mouthful of a name. Well, I often think of all these 'bad' guys in scripture and think about all the bad choices they made. You know there are many others like: Cain, Herod, Haman etc...........we're so quick to sling them into the "loser" category. But I was amazed at how compassionately God dealt with King Neb. Well, I suppose it was quite brutal, in that the king was reduced to a beast and grew feathers like an eagle and bird claws. And for 7 years he moved like a beast in the field. However.........God sent down dew from heaven and then allowed the king to have one more shot. When the 7 year were up, the king found God again. I mean look and see what God returned to King Nebuchadnezzar. He returned: his understanding/reason, his majesty/splendor, the glory of his kingdom returned and his friends (lords/counselors) returned to him. Isn't God good??!! My heart can be just as twisted at times as King Neb.'s. Wanna know what his crazy-huge crime was that he committed??? Pride!! yep "his spirit was hardened so that he dealt proudly". That would describe every living human being. And yet.........the King changed. I believe there is hope for me this year. I can change. And yet, I hope I don't need 7 years of isolation in the fields to prove it. I just need some time alone with God. Well..........I need more than that! You get the point!