Saturday, December 6, 2008

Polar Express Weekend

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Polar Express

We went with friends up to the Polar Express! Mia received her bell from Santa and wanted to make sure that it worked.

Kennedy. . . Beyond Words.......

Waiting for the Polar Express

Polar Express Pose

I guess Mia didn't feel up to a photograph. Will, Noah, and Kennedy were pretty stoked though!

Thanksgiving Games

What a blast we had with friends. Good food, good company, and good drinks!

Thanksgiving shot

Monday, November 24, 2008

Already...........2 Lost Teeth!

Yep.........we decided to play the whole "tooth fairy" game with the girls. Now, if you really know me, you know that we do NOT do Santa- the fat man in a red suit who steals credit from Jesus; and we do not do the Easter Bunny ( a talking bunny who eats chocolate and steals the spotlight of the Cross). However, I decided to do the tooth fairy, which is so crazy! But........seeing the excitement on Kennedy's face when I told her that a fairy would take her tooth and bring her money was priceless. She laid down immediately and said "I have to go to sleep mom; I want the tooth fairy to come!". Sure enough, she was asleep in minutes. I just reached in and grabbed the cute little jewelery box and removed the tooth. I then placed about 4 quarters (enough for a toy at the Dollar Store) and wrapped a pink ribbon on the box. She was awake by 6:30 to scout out her money. She was in her room counting it. Okay, I hate to admit it but I actually left about 11 coins in the box, some quarters and some dimes/nickles. I didn't know she was gonna lose another tooth the next day. Sure enough I had a reputation to live up to. But since we are broke, all I could scavenge up was about 4 quarters. So this time she counted them and was quite disappointed. She said.."aww.......last time I got 11 and now I only get 4?". I said, "yep! you win some and you lose some. How about we head to the Dollar Store?" Aversion works wonders!

All I Want For Christmas..........My 2 Bottom Teeth

Just in time for Christmas........Kennedy lost, not only 1, but 2 teeth.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Monster Pillows

Yes, I actually made something and I'm quite proud of myself. With the help of Kari and Michaela we all made Monster Pillows of our little ones! They are Christmas presents and are so adorable!

Kenendy's First Dental Visit

She actually did very well. She kept saying "excuse me....I killed a lizard once. Excuse me........I got a bug stuck in my eye......yes it's still there". Excuse me........I got a boo boo on my lip once...." And the stories continued.........Then she tooted and didn't say excuse me. I was ready to die. Of course Lincoln had to have a dirty diaper and the place just stunk! As were leaving, the girls kept asking for candy. Now, you guys know me. I NEVER give the girls candy unless it's Halloween or Christmas. I mean, what kind of mom would I be if I didn't let them have candy twice a year? The dentist was probably thinking that we ate candy for 3 meals a day by the way my kids were acing. I just looked at them with the most confused look and said "girls.....we don't eat cut it out!". urrr.......these are the days!

Mia's 1st Visit to the Dentist

Shame on me for waiting so long....but all is well. Mia went first and did a pretty good job. Obviously, she was a little shy and was quite sure that she did NOT want the "slirpy" (a.k.a. the suction tube) in her mouth. When she was done, Kennedy took her turn. I turned around to see Mia picking her nose and wiping it on the wall. OMG........she takes after her father. I immediately asked her to wipe it off and put it on a tissue. Afterwards she growled really loud like a tiger and then started singing about "God takes care of everything.....blah, blah blah". This was one of those loud and dogmatic voices. Kind of cute..........

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mia Wrote Her Name.........yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (1st time)

Okay, so I finally sat down on Friday and taught Mia how to write her name. I wasn't expecting much. Well, she totally surprised me. I love it!

Many Faces of Mia Beigh

Kenendy's view of Mia. Notice the LARGE eyes. Not sure why there are a million freckles. Mia has as many freckles as turtles have wings. Go figure.

Self portrait by Mia Beigh

Mia and Kennedy

What Are We Doing for Thanksgiving?

Some rather fun and close friends will be stopping by. We couldn't be more excited. Kennedy drew a picture of her family at school. Now she did forget mommy and daddy. But.....she did not forget our friend's son Will. The Longs will be coming over that day as we cook and eat all day long. We plan on having a little patio fire in the evening. I think I'd be happy with a glass of wine too!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Halloween in the Ozarks........spooky!

Both families dressed up and Aime made spooking treats while on vacation. It was one of the highlights of the week! I must admit........I actually enjoyed celebrating Halloween. Okay, won me over! It was fun!

I Want Candy!

Dressing up didn't phase Kennedy; she just wanted to know when the candy was being passed out, how much, and when could she eat it. Pretty funny. Thank you Aime for the goodies!

Meow, moo, or boo hoo???

Someone was very tired and didn't feel like being cat. hahaha

Vacationing with the McGinnis Clan

We had a blast in Arkansas with the McGinnis clan. We went horseback riding, fishing, hiking, and even carved a pumpkin. We had fires each day in the cabin and even roasted marshmallows one night outside. Of course, Paul and I killed them at cards!! We had a usual!

That's What I get for Saying Cheese

I couldn't get them to look normal for anything. They are so silly!

We Belong on a Magazine!

Precious Kennedy