Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Adding Up the Letters

Funny how letters are so infrequently written and texts and emails are abundant and endless. When was the last time you received an actual written letter or 'snail mail'? I enjoy receiving letters from my kids..........yes, the ones who still live under this roof! They will occasionally leave letters for me. I will find one neatly tucked up next to my sink, sure not to miss it. I thought I would publish a few since they are so stinking adorable!

Today was a bad day but I will fix it.

Okay, so this broke my heart. Yes, it was a full day of kids arguing, endless time outs and many talks.

Dear Mom,
Thank you for your note. I enjoyed it. I love you. gust for your inforemation- I love you more! Don't even copy me when I say I love you more. have a fun fall break. well, the rest of it. by by.

So yes, I save these notes and hide them away in my Kids' Book of Quotes. I
often pull it out and read the quotes and letters; it's good for my soul. Here is one last letter that KK wrote to Mia, right after we moved from Atlanta, back to Phoenix. Talk about a whirlwind for my kids!!!

Dear Mia,
I know your scared of going to church. I am but all you have to do is sit next to me at church or just stay home.

This one made me laugh. It took Kennedy about 6 weeks before she would go into her class without crying. She so desperately wanted Mia to go with her, but Mia in in the 1st grade room. It's not smooth as butter, but much better today.

Love to see my girls write about their feelings!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hiding Among Us

"It is the hidden heart, not the selfish heart, that is hardest to change." John Ortberg. How true this statement is. What is really going on in Mia, Kennedy, and Lincoln's hearts?? Only He knows. I'm constantly praying over their little souls and begging for His molding and shaping to take place, regardless of my ill-parenting. I'm hoping I'm always fortunate enough to know and understand their hearts, their passions, and my kids' fears. Hoping their hearts are never hidden from me. I love this age cause they hold nothing back and let everything go!! Kennedy has no shame in collecting bugs, Mia says everything outloud and Lincoln expresses himself in his gestures, voices, and touch. This is a great moment to be living in.

Breaking Away to the Mountains

Again, one of my favorite vacations and it was virtually free and simple. We escaped to northern Arizona and stayed in a friend's cabin. Thanks to their generosity, we were able to steal away and have some family fun. Each day the girls woke up to check their cardboard mailboxes for fun prizes. I stashed up at the Dollar Store. We went for a hike in the rain, had hot cocoa, a fire, watched new movies, played Corn Hole, played at the park, ate Red Devil Pizza, and played Uno Attack! The best part was having a fire at lunch time and roasting hotdogs and then putting kids to bed while we played Corn Hole and drank some ice cold beverages. Watching my girls explore the outdoors and thrive was vacation enough for me. We love to be outside, soaking up the fresh air and drinking the warm sunshine. Looking forward to many more vacations like this one.