Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Underestimated Encouragement

An unexpected reality came knocking on my door today! Isn't that how it usually goes though? It's not like we plan for bad attitudes, cancellations, or sickness. I always assume the best and live in my happy/positive world. But when my plans don't go as hoped for I turn into a grouchy bear that was awakened much to early. I had plans of Paul dropping girls off at school and me dropping Linc at preschool and then racing to the gym to get my first class in of the Fall semester with no kids! I was then going to hit Starbucks for a healthy refresh hot tea and head home to organize my scrapbook closet and listen to Pandora radio......with no kids in the house. Yes, a much needed reprieve from the busy schedule of life. Obviously, that isn't happening. Linc was in my bed before 7:00 with a headache and tummy ache. Kennedy bounced around the kitchen making her breakfast and notifying me as to why the missing child, Mia,  was still in bed and not going to school.........more sickness. Ugh!!!!!!!No this can't happen.....not today!

I regrouped my thoughts and checked my heart. Seriously, no biggie. My kids are sick. They need me and my "mommy day" can wait. Here's the ironic and very shameful thing...........this is the month that I'm supposed to be working on encouragement with our 7 month stretch of 7 fasts etc...........I thought this would be the easiest and most enjoyable month but it has hit me between the eyes like a migraine! Reality is that I STINK at encouragement and have lots of room to grow. Good to know! Truth kids will only be this age today. They will only be exactly like they are now.....just today. Tomorrow, they will grow, change, and one day leave our nest. Everything changes. Nothing stays the same. Life happens. Sickness approaches. Sin destroys. Little bodies grow up. Hearts are changed. Opinions form. Relationships either grow or die. This month I am being reminded of the unremitting attitude that I must choose to keep as I love my kids. I will continue to accrue these enduring moments and learn from them as I grow and changes as a parent.

Big sigh........something I didn't expect to acquire from this month of encoragement.......God is still moving in my heart and reminding me of His undying love for my broken and bruised soul. Only He is able to make something beautiful out of this messy substance. We are ALL broken...........born into it. Yet, not allowing it to be a crutch and taking this opportunity to seize His hand and allow His love to transcend above my expectations, forming me into something pleasing. I am most encouraged and thankful.