Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Best and Worst of Friends

These girls are either the Best of Friends or the Worst of Enemies. It's good to see them work through their differences though. I think they will always remain close when they are older. They are only 14 months apart but it's like they are twins. They are just growing up so fast. I wish I could slow down time. I love my little ladies.

Handsome One

What is there not to love about this little guy?! He's amazing. Lately, he's been grunting and roaring as loud as he can! He is all boy!!!! Sometimes it's so loud at my house. It feels like we have around 10 kids some days! I love it though. I love the fun noise, giggles, and squeals.

The Girls!

We all fixed our hair the exact same and went out to dinner at Red Robin with the family. We had a nice time and stuffed our tummies! Thankyou Nanna and Pappa for the great meal!

Homemade Pies Made With Love

We had our own Thanksgiving dinner here in AZ after returning from CA. The girls made homemade pies with Pappa and Nanna. It really was fun to see them all cook! I didn't have to worry about the desserts! Yippie.

The Annual Gingerbread House

The girls made their annual Gingerbread house with Nanna. I must turned our to be pretty cute! I think it is most certainly a "girl" house. Look at all the pink and fluff!

Mr. Man

Lincoln has been giving us the 'serious-man' face for quite a while. Of course we all crack up laughing. He really knows how to stare us down! He had the entire table of family members staring and laughing at him in California. Oh, he's just so dang cute!

Thanksgiving in CA

We drove down to California on Thanksgiving Day to spend with Paul's side of the family. It was fun having a lot of family members around and the playing with the cousins. Our kids never get to do play with their this was especially nice! It felt like a real Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Program

Kennedy had her first program at school! It was a blast. She kind of looked like a deer in the headlighst up there! We were laughing and cracking up. Also, she didn't like being a pilgrim and really wanted to be an Indian.She was so very precious!! It was fun having Paul's parents go too and see her perform.