Sunday, May 5, 2013


 Birthdays are sorta a 'big deal' in our home! You see, we have 4 kids and they are always competing and nudging for individual attention. We do our best to give each child some unique and special one/on/one time but it can be challenging. So, we really hoop and hollar it up on their birthday. I was stricken to write this post cause my 9 year old daughter said something to me today that really yanked at my heart. She was upset while her sister played attentively with a friend who over to play. I pulled her aside to chat and with tears running hot down her cheek, she said "Mom, I just feel like I don't exist, like I"m not even here." I thought I might break down into tears too! Nothing wrong had been done but that was exactly how she felt as her sister doted over someone other than her. I was able to convince here that watching  a movie in the loft and eating chips was just as fun.

But she coined a phrase that I think rings through many hearts, especially the hearts of women. She said "I feel like I don't exist". Celebrating my kids' birthdays this year also reminded me of all the lonely people out there that are waiting to be celebrated too. Look around as you grocery shop, sit by the public pool, take an exercise class, and yes, while sitting in church. Look for those people who feel completely ignored at the moment and feel  invisible. Often when I pray for God to show me these people, He always sends them my way. But you have to be willing to stop for a moment and talk to a stranger or an aquaintance that you have overlooked for years.

I hope that as I celebrate my kids' bdays each year, I also model to them the opportunity to celebrate other people in the world. I love my kids and I love people. I only have this compassion for people because God put it in my heart. I hope my children inherit this compassion to celebrate others too.