Monday, October 15, 2012

Look for the Real Treasure

Yesterday while at Mia's soccer game, a stranger tapped me on the shoulder and asked "is that your son?" as she pointed to my crazy Linc. I wondered if I should admit to mothering such an energetic ball and then I answered with confidence "yes!". She informed me that he was licking the dirty trash can. Oh, good to know, I thought. His defense was "I didn't lick it mom!I was about to though." I choose not to be embarrassed. Oh well. These moments happen to all of us all of the time! It's just that some of us are confident or stupid enough to admit it. Or how about the time our entire family went to the OB-GYN to hear a heartbeat of baby 4 and my daughter/son went into the restroom and dumped out the fresh urine sample that some poor woman had just squeezed out? She now had to do it again. Most kids ignore the little door in the wall of the restroom but not mine. They are curious and thought the little cup of urine needed to be touched and dumped. ewwww. Or the time my middle daughter pushed out an enormous amount of air from her bottom while in the yogurt  shop and then belted out laughing as other moms stared in amazement at the volume of sound that came out of her little body. Maybe they were just disgusted.........I"m not sure but oh well. Growing up in a lower class neighborhood, I used to hear kids say "hells bells" in place of "oh well". In these moments I feel like yelling out "Hells Bells" to everyone staring at me!

I used to get caught up in these moments but I've learned to focus on the proud moments. For example, when my daughter attends a city-wide Girl Scout function and volunteers, along with her friend, to push a stranger around in a wheel chair (peer) cause no one else wants to be bothered with the inconvenience. My daughter was a hero in my eyes that day. Or the time my daughter told me about how much she loves the little special needs boy that she works with every other week and referred to him as her friend and not a 'special needs child'. I'm the goofball that calls him 'special needs'. She just sees him as a friend. She is my hero. Or the time my son told a friend of mine that her meal was the best meal he had ever eaten! It made her day and he didn't complain about the the things he didn't like but focused on the parts he enjoyed. He was my hero that day.

It's nice that my kids excel in sports and make all As in school but those are not the moments that melt my heart. I"m looking for character traits: compassion, integrity, responsibility, servant hood and so forth. I love to see my kids give away their treasures to other peers when they are visiting our home. I am also reminded daily that it is a miracle when my kids do these things. I can take little to no credit for such wondrous things.I am a parent full of flaws and daily ailments. God is good to come in and shape the hearts of my kids. All I can do is daily seek Him and beg for His Grace as I make many mistakes. I can also listen to Him each day and continue to grow myself as the kids grow along side of me.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Camping With Friends= Fun!

Camping is one of our favorite things to do. When we talk about camping we are talking about REAL campers, no hotels, no cabins. We are talking tents, people!!! Tents, sleeping bags, coleman stoves, camp fires, and no showers! I know I don't have to explain that to our friends in Ohio but out here, in the wild wild west, lots of people consider campers to be camping! hahahhaah.....that's what we call 'fake camping!" LOL

So we loaded up the min-van and followed our friends up the mountain. Instead of walkie-talkies we kept talking on Hey'Tell, which probably drove the men crazy! But, it was entertaining! Our adventure consisted of fishing, Corn Hole, homemade chili, cutting wood, camp fires, hot cocoa, bug hunts, scavenger hunts, and late night snacks. We found Sammy and Lincoln trying to brush their teeth IN THE TENT! The girls found pet rolly-pollies and caterpillars and named all of them. Fishing was a success and Paul cleaned/cooked the fish. Derek set up a rigorous scavenger hunt involving a compass, walky-talky and prizes! Glad Paul took the kids on that one while Jaime and I sat by the camp fire.

What makes these trips fun? Just being out in the woods with family.......doing nothing, keeping no schedules, no T.V., no phone calls, no distractions. Just friends, food, and fun! It was a much needed trip for our family. Even though we packed up at 8:00pm (a day early) due to a hail storm headed our was worth it.