Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mia's First Day of Preschool

That's my girl! She went right in and had a blast!! She mentioned the book that Mrs. Chapman read and talked about the snack. My favorite part was when she showed me ALL of the facial expressions from the story, using her own face! Very cute.

Kennedy's First Day of Kindergarten

Kennedy was brave and willing to go. I felt very strong as well. She walked right up to the school with us and began socializing. She then went up and hugged her teacher and began to play with Mrs. Fierro's skirt (this made me nervous cause the skirt wasn't real long and I thoughts she was gonna flip it up!!) When I picked her up, it was as expected. Kennedy tested the waters!! Should I expect anything less from a Born Leader?? Well, I guess she challenged the p.e. teacher what it "means" to actually "freeze". The teacher would like her and the class to squat down and touch the floor when she shouts "freeze". I get that! But......Kennedy insists that when "freeze" is shouted, one should just freeze in the mid-air at whatever one is doing. Okay........so I had to explain to her that the teacher and her are both correct about the word "freeze" but.........the P.E. teacher is the BOSS. so.......let's do it her way. Let's see.....what else. Oh, Kennedy told me that she pulled a stink bug off someone's back that day too! That's my little helper!! Then she proceeded to tell me that she didn't share the bug with anyone. It was hers! okay..........what else?? Oh yeah, she decided that she wanted to "buy" her lunch cause she wanted chicken nuggets and not what I packed. So...we had much to talk about!! hahahahah..........I love my first born!

Friday, August 7, 2009

For You, Kate

Thursday, August 6, 2009