Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Even Lincoln Wants To Sleep in the Girl's Room

Every night Linc. gets in bed with the girls. He wants to sleep in there!! He's so cute. I think he just likes the new tree that I recently painted on the wall! Today, I couldn't find him when it was time to lay down for a nap. I could hear him, but couldn't see him. I must have passed him twice. He was lying under the covers in Mia's bed. What a little monkey. He just loves their room. I transported the kicking and screaming monkey to his lovely room!

Mothers, Beware...........of Yourselves!

Okay, so I totally did it. I made my daughter cry and then realized I was wrong and then I started crying. You see, I'm not so musically talented. I know, most of you are so surprised by that statement. I mean, I'm the one who does the piano homework lessons with the girls and I'm totally clueless. Kennedy had to read some music, without the letters, for the first time. Well, I kept looking where the stick was on the music lines. I guess you have to look where the dot(note) is at. So, where the stick ended, either in the space (notes f,a,c and e) or on the lines (notes e,g,b,d,f)was what I was looking at and getting pretty ticked at KK for not knowing her notes. Well, I finally figured out that I was looking at it all backwards. I just started crying, hugged her, and begged her for forgiveness. I was thrilled that she smiled and did forgive me. At dinner, she told daddy about my mistakes. Daddy said "why were you crying when mommy hugged you?" Kennedy said "daddy, they were happy tears." awwweee, shall I say more? So, Moms, beware of you! If you get in the way........just apologize. I have a feeling that won't be the last time I get in the way. I'm grateful for Grace!

Johnny Apple Seed Hasn't Seen Anything Yet!

We really worked it out at the orchard this weekend! I'm just going to get something off my conscience now........I picked an apple and took a bite out of it and broke a rule! The lady said, no eating apples. Cause you're supposed to fill your bags and then no more. I had to see what they tasted like. Well, they were delicious. So glad we got the big bag! We are set on apples for about 3 weeks. The kids did great. We just had to make sure they weren't picking apples up off the ground to put in the bag. LOL. It was exciting chasing Lincoln in the orchard and figuring out where all three kids were. We went with some friends and really had a great time. I felt like a genuine hillbilly. We sat on a tractor to have our picture taken (hmm.....seems weird), rode John Deer tricycles, milked a cow, watched little piggies race around, and we were pretty excited about all those activities. It doesn't take much to make us happy!

Go Fly a Kite!

Hard to believe.....but I've never flown a kite. The girls have been begging for one for over a year. So.....I scored big and bought them each a 99$ kite at Walmart about 2 months ago. You must have wind and we finally had wind on Sunday, about a week ago. I rushed home from church and put together the kite and headed out to the backyard. I ran as fast as I could down our sloped yard and all it did was pipe up about 5 feet and simmer down to the ground. So, I did it again. I looked like the Piper with kids falling me and a long kite tail......yet no results. I called Paul and told him to hurry home. I needed help....and soon! Well, it turns out that I had it hooked up backwards and was informed by the "kite flying expert" that the backyard was a poor choice.......LOL. Needless to say, daddy came to the rescue, much to my relief!