Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Time Flies

A Peek Into our Journey

Alexander Fun

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lincoln's First Haircut

I couldn't take it any longer. His hair was coming down into his eyes like a faugh-hawk (sp). Even though I waited 4 years for the girls, I could only make it 1 year for Lincoln. We took all 3 in for a trim/hair cut. The girls have had their hair cut before- but merely a trim. This was the first time I had significant amounts removed. They each had 4-5 inches taken. boo hooo. I was sad but it was greatly needed. Summer and pool times are here!!

Final Product

Two Crazy Cats

I often wonder why Mia makes me a little crazy sometimes. I think it's because we are SOOOO much alike. She likes to try and say something silly and then ask "is that funny mom, huh?" She love to chat and loves it when we laugh at her. I love that crazy cat!!

Just Us Girls

On nights that Paul has meetings, we have "girl's night out". That simply means we pop some corn, pop in a movie, and eat junk food for dinner. The girls love it and so do I cause I don't cook!!! They are tons of fun. We are gearing up for one in this picture. Kennedy even has her pjs on.

It Snowed in Phoenix, AZ

Yep, can you believe that? Just kidding. That was in Ohio about 2ish years ago. What memories!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Addition to the Family

I've decided tonight that the Krulls are now a part of our family. It was a blast having the kids over to roast marshmallows and tell ghost stories with us.Mia is in-love with Noah. What's not to love about him? He's adorable!!!

Camping for Spring Break

We decided to go cheap and vacation at home this year. It has been a total blast. We set up the tent and everything in the backyard. The girls even watched a movie each night in the tent. Daddy cooked grilled cheese, hotdogs, marshmallows, and cherry pie over the fire. He is the boyscout!! We told ghost stories around the fire and I make hot cocoa. I think the girls may have lost a bug in the tent but otherwise........smooth sailing.

Fishing on our Spring Break

Of course we had to go fishing or it just wouldn't be vacation. Like always, Paul and the girls caught fish right away! It was quite the spectacle. All the kids were coming over and 'ooing' and 'awwwing' over his fish. He was the town hero that day. You may also notice the cute little arms holding Mia up in the tree. Yes, we always seem to attract little friends wherever we go. A little girl and boy came over while we were picnicing and just stared at us and the fishing poles. Mia, without looking up, said "mom, what are they doing?" I just introduced my self and the girls chimed in and introduced theirselves. They invited their new friends to fish with us. I was excited but Paul seemed nervous about the fishing poles "walking" away. What a city boy he is!!

Shy about the Shoes

These are the most amazing shoes. Mia picked them out when we went to Disney last month. She wears them everywhere and I just love them. The girl has style. She's gonna be a trend setter; I can already tell. Everyone stops and comments on her sparkly shoes (cause they stick out so much and don't match anything- which makes them so cool) and she just smiles and shrugs.

The Next Eric Carle

Kennedy spent about 4 hours the other day drawing Eric Carle pictures. She is brilliant!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Sweetie!

I decided to make Kennedy's cake this year. For now on, we are gonna make them. This year was a little fancy for me. But.........I will be keeping it simple in the future. I DO NOT have the talents of a baker or a cake decorator. These cakes will be made in love......not style!

My Little Princess

Well, I guess she's growing up! I'll save this picture forever. This reminds me of how little she really is! I love her so much.

Happy 1st Birthday Baby!

Awww.......he was so sweet! After we gave him his colossal cupcake, he dug in and ate for about 25 minutes. He was content making the mess of him life! He was wearing his b-day bib, given to him and made by Kari Myers. I hated to see the white bib turn black but it all washed out!