Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What Did You Say?!!!

Isn't it amazing what flows from the mouth of a child? Good thing I'm writing these quotes down, cause no one would ever believe me. I keep a little journal in my desk and write down quotes as the kids spit them out. They don't know that I write them down and can't wait to share them later in life. Then, at the end of each year, we put together a calendar for the grandparents with pictures and quotes from the kids. It's unbelievable. Not only do I journal, but the girls each have a journal too. They occassionally put them out and write down what they are thankful for. It's on-going and lasts every day of the year. The hope is to get 1000 items in each journal by the time they are teenagers. Lately, they've been writing some pretty cute things in their journals too. So here are some quotes and journal entries.......straight from thier mouths/hearts.

"Next week when I'm an adult, I'll charge my husband to go get me a coffee and muffin too!" Kennedy

"Mia, you can't be selfish all your life! You have to share with your sister!" Kennedy

"Relax Lincoln. Anything that you want....I'll get it!" Mia

"I'm not afraid of anything....except the dark!" Mia

"Man! I"m growing so big.....right now!" Lincoln

"I'm going to get very very mad if I go to timeout and I'm going to break your heart!" Lincoln

"I'm thankful for Dad; he tucks me in every night." Mia

"I wish I could turn time back." Kennedy

"I see the sun coming through the clouds and I think it's God's glory showing through- and the angels are returning." Kennedy

"I'm thankful that C.S. Lewis made the Narnia books." Mia

"After exercising, I'm going to throw up!" Lincoln

"I saw a dragonfly and so I piped up my courage to go and get it. He wanted to be my friend." Kennedy

"I'm thankful for Mrs. Clemson for buying me a banana at school. Everyone else had a cupcake and I can't eat them cause of my allergies and I had nothing." Kennedy

"I don't like when your muffins taste like earwax" Mia

"When no one is around and I have to obey, I feel something inside of me tell what to do- it's the Holy Spirit." Kennedy

"I'm thankful that I got sleep with my mom's blanket." Kennedy

"Why doesn't God talk to me now, like He did with Moses? I want to hear his voice now!" Mia

"I'm thankful for cake!" Lincoln

"I not a baby anymore...I'm a big boy! I'm a man!" Lincoln

"You know me, Mom! I'm an Alexander and I'm going to be okay!" Lincoln

After 15 Years and He is still Sexy, Inspiring, Interesting, and My Best Friend

It happened. Someone randomly walked up to me today and asked me an interesting question. She said "You're a pastor's wife right? Even though your husband is a pastor, does he still drive you crazy? Cause mine does!!" Well, I barely know the person but decided to just let it all out. I said "yes he does, but we still love eachother and selflessly work at it each and everyday. Marriage is so very hard!" We then began to converse about marriage and why her's was so difficult at the moment. She was open and transparent and I really appreciated that. Hard to get that from most Christians; but a complete stranger was being vulnerable with me and I was eating it up!!
After 15 years, does he drive me crazy? I think we both have days where we drive one another bonkers......kind of like a brother and sister. It's not mean, bitter, or full of spite. It's just 2 people living together who happen to be selfish. But yes, going to Hawaii with him and celebrating 15 years was worth it; and we are growing closer each day. I am still very attracted to him. I find his messages and dreams to be inspiring. I love our conversations. They are not filled with meaningless words and ideas of coexisting. They are words that touch and change our hearts. Conversations about changing lives, kids growing up, taking care of the less fortunate, helping our friends, and sometimes full of heated disagreements. At the end of the day.........we have learned more about one another and chosen to be on the same team. At the end of the day........he is still by best friend and I can't wait to go on another trip in 5 years!! whoot whoot!

Who Invites Their In-Laws for 5 Weeks?

Most of my friends thought I had gone clinically insane because we invited my in-laws to stay for 5 weeks. The most common response was "their not staying with you a hotel, right?" Well, after 15 years of marriage, many vacations together and many 2 week visits in the same home.....we decided it was time to spend some more time together. The fact is, both our families live on the other side of the country. Might as well live in Africa cause none of us can afford to come see one another as often as we'd like. We can understand and appreciate how much the grandparents mean to our kids! The LOVE their grandparents and let's be honest.....grandparents are not around forever. We want our kids to soak up as much wisdom and time with their grandparents as possible. Now, I have to admit; we have amazing grandparents. Living together is not as difficult as it could be. Things are not perfect; but we pretty much respect one another's boundaries and appreicate the time together.

The visit was filled with trick or treating, craft projects, sewing together (Nanna and girls), long walks to the park, teaching kids how to ride bikes, P.F. Chang visits, bday celebrations, Christmas shopping, tree decorating, Thanksgiving cooking, snuggles in the kids' rooms, late nights of card games, hot tub talks, putting up lights, making ginger bread houses,wrestling with Pappa, reading with Nanna, and many other endless memories. One just can't put a price tag on the memories that were created last month. We will all treasure those moments forever.