Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Hero Has Left Us

Once upon a time there was this Marine. He served 3 tours in Vietnam, came home, made a career for himself outside of the Corp, met a woman that intrigued he said. This woman, had been previously married and had 2 kids. He took time to have coffee with her on lunch breaks and took an interest in her as a person. Wouldn't you know the Marine and the single parent became really great friends. He finally persuaded her to marry him. She was unsure and probably felt a bit unworthy. He convinced her otherwise. Her kids were a bit challenging and hard to manage at times. But he took the time and endured the unruly days of earning their took many years. His sweet winks, encouraging words, numerous hugs, and daily drives of dropping the kids off at school started to stick. He became the husband and father that this family needed.

This man was unlike most. This Marine learned how to sew incredibly well. Why? because his new best friend enjoyed sewing. He did all the laundry for over 20 years. Why? Because his new best friend didn't like laundry. (and his jr high daughter turned all his white underwear pink) just saying! Over the years a friendship was forged and nothing could keep it from growing. Health took it's bite. People with unwanted opinions made their remarks. Finances took a tole. But in the end the two stood together. They traveled, enjoyed deep conversations (the kind that some people only dream of or see on tv), they followed their aspirations, they took care of one health and sickness, until death did it's part.

To explain the impact of his absence is......................not really possible. Flowers have petals, sunshine has warmth, a rainbow has color, music has rhythm, and we had John Koprowski. His principals, his example of love, his laugh, and his thoughtfulness will forever be in our hearts. We wanted more time...more Pappa. Don't we always want more of something that is wonderful? But everything has it's limits. Death is no stranger to humans but it is shocking. Cherish what you have. Hug those you love and tell them with your words. Today could be your last moment with them. John knew how we felt bout him. That, I am thankful for!