Saturday, August 11, 2012

The 7 Month Fast! Yes, We Are Crazy!

You must be wondering what on earth does that blog title mean? Well, let me explain. My good friend, Aime, bought me a book for my bday called 7! Yep, it's about a family that took seven months and fasted 7 different things during each month. So, we decided to do the same and simplify our lives. We will focus on eachother, other people in less fortunate situations, and dejunk our lives! Month 1 was in June and we didn't necessarily fast anything but we did spend every day soaking in the New Testament. Paul and read the entire New Testament of the Bible in 30 days. We also spent the evenings reading the bible to our kids. Well, we were successful at reading the entire NT but not as successful at sitting down each night with the we are learning! My big take-aways from June: I realized how much I hunger for the bible! I didn't want to return to my usual skimpy reading. I want to remain in the bible forever. It's encouraging, resourceful and soul building! One can realize to truly appreciate the feast due to the constant famine that has been already present.  And still, I am baffled how one can return to a famine, having feasted on the Bible. Yes, I am pulling through that now. 

Month 2, July, was our fast from T.V. and most other media. I was more than delighted to let go of facebook! It's weird being in August now and I keep forgetting that I do have a fb account to check. I don't really have that strong desire to check it. Having been media free for 30 days, we became experts at Monopoly, sorry for playing Sorry, adamant readers, and spent more time together snuggling. One would think that our 3 kids would throw a fit due to the July standard but I think I might of heard 1 complaint the entire time. Instead Kennedy read the entire Starcatchers Series about how Peter Pan became Peter Pan, about 1,000 pages worth and then read the entire Emily Whipsnap series. Now she's soaking up Harry Potter, book 2. Mia spent time on the piano, and Lincoln terrorized all of us! LOL. It was music to my ears to have the t.v. off and watch my kids participate more in imaginative play, read more, and snuggle! and NO Wii! Not that we have it on much anyhow, but oh how nice to put the kids to bed at night and just talk with Paul. I would challenge every family to try this one. It's worth it! It builds in more play time for the family and more relational time for spouses in the evening :) 

Month 3,, that would be now. We chose 7 foods to eat this month. Well, the kids decided they wanted to be apart of this too! So they had to choose 10 foods. Veggies counts as one and fruit counts as another. Paul and I did the same. Basically meat, veggies, fruit, oats, eggs, water, black beans, coconut milk and the kids have chips and fruit snacks added to theirs. No desserts, no bread, no beer, no sugar. We are loving it too. I am tempted to get a Starbucks drink or eat a Pirate Booty Chip but I won't! I'll let you know how we survive. So good! Our motto this month is "lean and clean" .We are also using this month to learn about Kenya, India, and S. Africa. We are going to study what they eat, how they live and what their lives are like in those 3rd world countries. Paul and I have visited those countries and they are dearest to our hearts. 

We have some exciting new information to share with you all soon. God is moving and changing our hearts each day. We can't wait to share what has recently been placed in our hearts and in our lives! No, we are not adopting...........I wish! Maybe one day in the future :)

Memories in the Mountains

Ugh! I haven't blogged in awhile cause I'm trying to set up a new blog on Wordpress and I haven't been able to complete it. So for now, I'll keep using this yucky site! Sooooo...........lot's going on. You just read about our 7 months of fasting and we are now in month 3. Last month we fasted most media and it was amazing. Vacation was last month and we hit it just right! We took off to Pinetop in northern Arizona and spent a week in our dear freind's cabin. At the end of the week we were supposed to meet the Greens at a campground and spend 3 days camping. But the weather would not permit such activity and instead of canceling, we decided to all hang out in the cabin! Having a blast, is an understatement. 5 kids, 4 adults, 2 dogs, hiking, campfires, hail storms, no electricity for a few hours, carry-out Red Devil Pizza, homemade peanut butter cookies...........shall I say more?!!! It was almost sereal to be up in the north with cool weather, tons of wildlife, and great company. The kids played in the leftover hail and weren't phased a bit by the coolness of the storm. I on the other hand, was bundled up in sweatshirts and thick socks but still thankful for the cool relief. My favorite part of the trip was beating Paul at corn-hole, eating Wendy's cookies, and watching all our girls play together. I love that we are rooting down here in AZ and building life-long relationships. :)