Monday, September 29, 2008

Just Because I feel Like Being Real

12:55 Put all three kids to bed. Lincoln fell fast asleep.
1:15 Kennedy is pitching fit about something I told her. Long story......but anyhow she is now screaming
1:17 Lincoln is awake! Oh goodie. Kennedy woke him up.
1:18 Kennedy is getting a little swat for waking up her brother and pitching a fit
1:20 Kennedy falls fast asleep. Mia is sleeping too!
1:21 Ahhhhhhhh........I think I'll paint a piece of furniture that I've been wanting to do for 6 years! Yippie
1:45 too bad.....Lincoln awakes and is upset
1:55 I go up to sooth him. He is screaming like crazy.
2:00 Mia is awakened by brother screaming.
2:02 Mia is walking in the hall and I ask her to go back to room (mind you....I asked very nicely)
2:03 Because Mia is so tired she goes back to room and is screaming/crying and now kicking her bed
2:04 Time for Mia to get a swat on her booty! Lincoln is still screaming
2:05 Kennedy wakes up to the lovely sounds of Mia.
2:07 I'm crying.....ahahahha just kidding......takes more than that to make me cry. (We'll see how I'm doing at end of day)
2:08 I finally put Lincoln back in crib........I need a shower adn haven't had one in 3 days
2:09 Ooops........I forgot about the paint brush/paint down stairs. The brush is all dried up. So much for that brush. Oh, and I guess I'll wait another 6 years to paint that furniture. It can wait :-)

Just thought you'd like to read for fun. Now..........normally days are not like this. But every now and then these days happen to remind me that the most important job in life is to be a MoM. I should not get frustrated about painting, cleaning and doing things. Luckily Paul does not mind that the house looks just like it did when he left, only MORE dishes in the sink. The good news is.........I got a shower today and I don't have baby food in my hair anymore. Yep, Lincoln likes to spit while I feed him and it gets all in my hair. He thinks it's funny.

Friday, September 26, 2008

One Year Ago

My goodness how time flies. About 1 year ago we moved from Dayton, OH to Phoenix, AZ. Seems like so long ago as I look at that picture. I wasn't even pregnant with Lincoln yet. But now here we are with 3 kids and loving Phoenix. I'm getting comfortable with calling Phoenix "home". For so long Dayton was home for us. Because of the amazing friendships, I feel we can finally call this home!

Family Walks

Now that it's starting to cool off here in AZ, by that I mean cool down to 80 or 85 degrees at 6:00pm, we can take walks. Yep, Kennedy grabs her scooter and Mia rides a lower riding tricycle, Lincoln hops on Paul's belly, and I stroll along making sure Kennedy doesn't run into any pedestrians or trees with her scooter. It's so fun to walk and watch the girls race around in the greens and hear their girly chatter. They sound like fireflies buzzing around by a bright light. These are the days!!

Green Day at Preschool

Today was "Green Day at preschool", so Kennedy chose her spectacular Tinker dress. I was very proud of her and she couldn't have been more pleased to wear it to school. Now, they did say to wear green today. I hope it was okay to get creative??? Paul said that when he dropped her off, everyone was wearing their green uniform shirts. Come on folks!!!!! Where is the creative thinking?? How about trying something 'outside the box'! But then again, you know me; I probably misread the paper and it might have said to wear the green uniform. Oh well.........where is the fun in that?? Seriously!!

The Middle Child

Fridays are fun for Mia! She has daddy and me all to herself, since Kennedy is at Preschool. Unlike Kennedy, she does not like to play by herself. So........I usually end up making a dinosaur talk or imitating some animal while she laughs. It's good that we have this time together. I now know how easily a middle child can be left out. We are trying so hard to make each and every child feel special in our home. Mia seems to have the hardest time cause she is the most emotional child we have. Being that neither Paul nor I have the gift of mercy, she probably feels pretty bad sometimes. My common philosophy is "pull up your boots honey and let's go". So spending fun quality time together on Fridays has become very important to everyone!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Well we were the only ones at the pool today and it was awesome. It's about 90 degrees and totally gorgeous. The wind was blowing and it was sweet. We played and swam and then came home for a yummy picnic lunch on the floor. Who could ask for a nicer day?? I love my life!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Look Who is Coming!!!

I just found out that my niece and nephews are coming to visit me at Christmas. This is the best Christmas present ever! They are flying over from Boston! Special thanks to Pappa and Nanna for buying plane tickets. It has been over 2 years since all of us have gotten together. My nephew, Collin, loves cowboys. He's coming to the perfect place!! My niece, Madeline, is just a little princess. We'll treat her like one too! I'm just way excited. Watch out Phoenix, here they come!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bless Them

Be in prayer for Nicole and Chad Ainsworth as they are scheduled to deliver in December. Nicole is Paul's 'right hand-man', administrative assistant. She is a total gem! We are praying for a smooth and healthy delivery. So good. They are both doing great and very excited to deliver their first child. They are waiting until the baby is born to find out the sex. I think that is so cool!!! They are gonna be terrific parents. Because they mean so much to us, we ask that you pray for them. They are like family to us!! You'd understand, if you knew them!

Thank You God

"I have noticed that the more a person has experienced the liberating love and acceptance of Christ, the more freedom she can welcome in others." Clairmont
Isn't this the truth! God has been so very good to us, especially over the last year. We moved here without any friends and already God has brought some very special people into our lives. I mean, look at this picture. This is Noah in the middle. He is ALL BOY and we love him and his family. God even found friends for our daughters. Last year was rough as we encountered Kennedy turning 3 and wanting to live up to the meaning of her name, "chief helmet". She is strong and courageous. But.......mommy and daddy are even stronger!! We have learned so much about the love of God this year and how to mirror that into the lives of our kids. Only through the Lord's strength can I continue each day to parent with patience. Our kids truly are gifts from God and we want so desperately to take such good care of those Gifts. They are so precious!! This is the hardest and most rewarding thing I've ever done.......parent.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Go Gators!!

So.....we got all decked up in our gear and headed over to the Long's house. We were then greeted by Iowa and Michigan fans. Even though those two teams are not in a REAL conference, we still like our friends. We forgive them for their shortcomings and poor taste in college teams. But hey......somebody has to love those Iowa/Michigan fans. We feel kind of sorry for them. It's kind of how we feel about those Ohio fans. Okay, I guess that's enough trash talk.

He Fell!

The day after I said there were "no broken bone" my precious baby fell. Thankfully he is okay and in good hands. Kennedy put some stickers or "band-aids" on his head to help him feel better. I don't think he minds this!