Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Trying Not To Get Frustrated

Well, it's been one of those months. Someone put a curse on our home and everything has been breaking. Let's see, first the DVD broke (a while ago), next the grill, then my favorite 2 red vases, then I broke 2 plates. While Paul was gone, the computer shut me out, the roof lost 2 tiles, and our screen door fell off. Our washing machine started spilling water everywhere and our dishwasher is holding water. What's next?? Luckily we have NO broken bones, so that's good. All we can do is laugh!!!

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Last Trip to Pinetop

We were invited by Justin, Sheila, and Will to Pinetop. We rented a cabin together for the weekend. Justin was kind enough to take the kids for joy rides in the golf cart. I think Kennedy was most concerned with the gum pack left in the cart from daddy. She loves to chew gum now. That's her newest rage. Gum, gum, gum, gum!! That's all we hear about. We love it!!

Sheila kept them busy by reading books when it was my turn to cook. Thanks Will for sharing your mom with the girls!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Lincoln's Good Friend, Ben!

Lincoln Eats His First Cereal

1st Day of School (Pre-K)

How exciting it was to drop Kennedy off for her first day of Pre-K. She was such a trooper. Too bad she had a black eye. She bonked herself in bed the night before. She's always playing around and dancing on her top bunk.

Look What I Caught. . .

We had the opportunity to go to Pinetop and get away from the heat. We had a great time up in the mountains. While there we hiked, made smores, and attempted to fish. All we could manage to scrap up was a bunnch of crawl-daddies. Ewwww..........Kennedy didn't seem to mind. I thought they looked like mini-lobsters.

Keeping Warm By The Fire

Out By The Fire

Snuggle Time By The Fire

Daddy wanted to tell ghost stories that night. Then each of took turn telling stories. Kennedy kept getting upset cause I would include her name in my story. She would say "no mommy, there's no Kennedy!" It was pretty funny. They kept wanting to hear a story about a volcano. Of course my story was NOT scary. Thanks to Stephanie for allowing us to use her cabin. We always seem to have a good time up there!

Beach Time in CA

We had a blast playing on the beach in California this summer. We visited for 2 days to celebrate Paul's grandmother's 85th birthday. While there the girls took some time to dig for sand crabs and boogie board in the water!

Bug Eyes!!!

My Little Man

I'm in love!!

Who Loves Lincoln?

As you can see, Kennedy has taken quite a liking to the new addition in our family. I think that there are some days that I have to remind her that I AM the mother. She takes great care of Lincoln. She even likes getting him out of his car seat. I discovered that one day as I came down the stairs to find him out of the seat and laying on the carpet. did that happen?

Nanna Is So Much Fun

Kennedy just loved having Nanna ride in the back of the van with her. Thank goodness Nanna came to visit. This allowed me to finish teaching in May. Of course she did not mind taking care of little Lincoln Scott! The girls love their Nanna.

Pappa Fishes Too!

Because David (Pappa) and Paul are such competitive fishermen, I think they forgot that they were supposed to be letting the girls do the fishing. I thought I was gonna have to remove the Barbie fishing pole from David's hands. He was determined to catch a fish as soon as Paul caught one right away. The girls didn't seem to notice. They just like helping reel the fish in!

Fishing with Daddy

While Paul's parents were visiting in May, we went fishing down at the pond in the neighborhood. David (pappa) bought the girls their very first fishing poles. I think we were all surprised at how many fish we caught. I guess daddy is a great fisherman! Kennedy wasn't scared at all but Mia was a bit hesitant to touch the fish. Kennedy actually wanted to kiss the fish good-bye. I had to say no.