Wednesday, February 26, 2014

From Tiaras to Tea Cups

I truly cannot believe we've reached this milestone. My oldest is 10 and we only have 8 years left until she pulls out for college. So yes, I'm clinging to each moment and every activity, knowing that tomorrow comes much too quickly. We celebrated the first Alexander Pillar together this weekend: trustworthiness. Instead of renting out a spa salon, throwing a slumber party, or offering a bunch of toys, we decided to take the least traveled route. We celebrated this moment with some of my dearest friends- who might add wisdom to Kennedy's life. Don't get me wrong, presents and cake most certainly adorned our table the night before, but we wanted the focus to be on something a bit more meaningful. On Saturday morning tables with tea cups, flowers, and ribbon were set up in our back yard. A fancy cake was delivered, and about 15-17 ladies marched into our home with precious letters and fragile packages of tea cups and saucers. After diving into the delicious cake and drinking hot tea, each lady had an opportunity to sit down with Kennedy, one at a time, and read a carefully written card of advice and unwrap the tea cup with my new 10 year old. It was a truly precious moment. Throughout the year, Kennedy and I are going to make sure we drink tea from each cup and spend time revisiting the cards that were written. This engagement was a reminder to me that I am truly blessed by the presence of wise women, well beyond my years and experience. Not only are they filled with wisdom and love but they are supportive and committed to praying for my children. I need this support and cannot raise my kids without it. I'm a mom in training each day. I am learning and constantly doubting and asking questions. I need these ladies in my life so that my children might have a chance at growing into godly ladies and gentlemen that choose to serve Christ with a passionate and unquenchable spirit!