Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Thank You Family

We could not have visited Disney without the help of Paul's family. They welcomed us into their home for a few overnights, fed us yummy food, and watched Lincoln while we played at Disney. We are so grateful and very fortunate.

Great Grandma Jo

We took the kids to California for Kennedy's birthday. We went to Disney and visited the family. It's so nice visiting with Paul's family and watching the kids connect with the aunts, uncles, cousins, and Great Grandma Jo. They think the world of her! Kennedy said that she was glad Grandma Jo was born and loved the way she was made. Then there is Mia who asked Grandma Jo why her face looked the way it did. I think she was referring to the wrinkles. I love wrinkles!

Disney for Kenendy's 5th Birthday

I couldn't believe it when I saw the castle at Disneyland. I grew up in Florida and have been to Disney World, where the castle looks real and is about 10 stories high. This looked like a dwarf or hobbit home compared to the one in Florida. Oh well, the girls didn't know the difference and loved it all the same.

Making the Most of Mickey

We got lucky with this one. It's hard to find characters in the park without the mile long line. We happened to see Mickey as we were leaving and jumped in line before it turned into a mile. As we approached for the picture, Kennedy tripped and knocked Mia over. So everyone is watching as Mia screams and Kennedy stands there dumbounded in her blue Ariel nightgown and tired face. I just picked her up, brushed her off and shoved her into the picture. It was time to go. How fun!

Toddlers Tip Over Tinker Bell

Well if anyone can tip over the Tink, I guess it's my girls. They were so excited to meet Tink that they both went running up and knocked her over. She was quite gracious about it and didn't sprinkle any angry dust over them but I was so embarrassed. That was one of the highlights of the day.

Tipsy Turvy Tea Cups

I think the spinning tea cups were one of the girls favorite rides. They laughed and giggled the entire time. I had to keep spinning it, taking pictures, and trying not to lose my breakfast all over the place. Paul cannot ride these, so he watched with amusement.

Just A Little Excited

Blue Lips

Isn't if funny when the frosting turns your mouth the same color? It's certainly cute with the kids but rather distracting to see grandma with blue teeth. We got a big kick out of it. It was very sweet of Aunt Roylene and Uncle Gary to get cake for Kennedy!

Happy Valentines Day

Paul is starting them out young. He already buys them flowers. Their future husbands have some pretty big shoes to fill!! After flowers, we took the girls out to breakfast in their pajamas and then came home to watch rented and library movies all day long! We had a p.j. day! The girls loved it! It was cheap and it was easy!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lisa Turns 33!

Best Birthday Ever!

I must admit that this is, by far, my favorite birthday. First of all, my husband took all 3 kids to walmart on a Saturday and bought cake fixings. I was at swim lessons and returned to find the Paul and kids making cake with the Kitchen Aid. I was amazed. They not only made cake, but bought construction paper to make cards. He also purchased a bottle of wine for later (my favorite). We pigged out on pizza at Barros, where Kennedy proceeded to invite everyone over for b-day cake. Nobody came........could have been awkward. After cake, we put the kids down and watched a chick flick, which Paul picked out, Secret Life of Bees. What more could I ask for???

Unbelievealbe.......We Fed our 11month old Cake!

Yep, you can tell Lincoln is the THIRD child. We never would have given our first born cake before their 1st b-day. He had ice-cream when he was 6months old! Wow, we sure have relaxed a lot! He loved the cake too!

What A Mooch!!

Kennedy asked to sit in my lap as I was finishing my cake. I declined. So she moved onto her sister. Now let's not forget that Kennedy has already eaten a very large portion of cake/ice-cream. Because Mia is so sweet she gladly let her BIGGER sister sit in her lap and then proceeded to feed her cake. We all got a great laugh out of this site!

Backyard Boys

We just had a picnic in the backyard the other day. Lincoln enjoyed crawling around! We had to prevent the eating of rocks and the licking of the grass!

Daddy's Little Helper

Mia was very excited to go help daddy carry parts of the tree that he cut down. We are saving the wood for out backyard camp fires. This March, we are gonna have Spring Break vacation at home and camp in the backyard with the girls. I cannot wait!! What a bunch of hillbillies we are!

Three Fifths of the Alexanders

What a bunch of cutie pies! We went for a walk in January and it felt like Fall in Ohio. It was gorgeous and sunny, yet cool enough for a sweater. We made large piles (by that I mean about 50 leaves in a pile) of leaves and jumped in them!


Mia likes to pretend she is pouting so that you won't take her picture. I love it!!! She still looks gorgeous, even when she is pretending to pout!

Curious As A Cat

Because Kennedy is so curious, she loves stopping to pick up bugs, break apart leaves, and pick flowers. I love that about her. She spent her time that day picking up leaves and examining them.