Monday, September 20, 2010

Live Now

I came across a blog article that triggered my thinking tonight. Perry Noble published and article titled "Dangerous". He spoke of the danger and risks that the disciples took by following Jesus. It made me think of our lives now. For many reasons, I've had a difficult time sleeping in the evening. Paul and I went to a benefit last Friday night, in honor of The Atlanta Dream Center and the organization called Not For Sale. Both organizations help prostitutes come off of the streets. This is something I am incredibly interested in and can't wait to help with. The Atlanta Dream Center has something called Princess Night each Friday. I'll have the opportunity to go in a few weeks and help hand out roses and cards to the girls on the streets. There will be a member from the center in the van with us and she knows most of the girls. She will be guiding us through this night. The best part is that we will spend time in constant prayer while driving around. We don't all get out at one time. There will be another van following us, the guys, and they will remain in their vans and will be praying for us. When I mentioned it to my mom, she said "isn't that a little dangerous, Lisa?". A most thoughtful question for any concerned mom to ask. I answered "I"ll be fine, Mom." But seriously, my mind does seem to drift at times and crazy thoughts pop into it about safety. I've had numerous dreams of someone kidnapping me and Lincoln. I fell asleep last night praying that God would bring peace to me and chase out my silly anxieties. I can't wait to go. I love this article by Perry Noble. We (Disciples of Christ) do need to start stepping out more!

Alexander Gators Kick Off the Season

Well we've had a blast cheering on our favorite team with some new friends, this would include traveling to TN to see them win!

2 New Pets

Well, wouldn't you know that both our girls brought home the class pet for Labor Day weekend. I've never seen so many smiles in one house and never heard so many giggles and glees. I thought they were going to burst! Kennedy was chosen to bring home Guber, the class hamster and Mia was chosen to bring home Queen Lilly, the class Lion. So we spent all weekend playing with Lilly and Guber. I do think Guber received more attention though, since he's 'real'. We took pictures of each creature in about every scenario: in the trees, in the mailbox, in the mixer, on top of Clifford's head, in a toilet paper tube. The girls kept posing the pets for scrapbook pictures. And of course, we put together scrapbook pages for the class scrapbook. Kennedy and Mia thrived and glowed from ear to ear as they decorated their pages for school. It was a blast. Thank goodness they both have fun and creative teachers.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Snug As A Bug In a Rug

Kennedy has become quite the little snuggle bug these days. Funny thing is that she wasn't so snuggly in her younger days. Now, she's always climbing you and hugging you. Mia is that way too, but she was born a snuggler. This morning, I went in to wake the girls up for school and found KK on Mia's bed. Now these are only twin sized beds and a bit cramped. But, KK was all snuggled up by her sister. When I woke them up, KK said "I wanted to snuggle Mia." My heart melted and then Mia did a very grouchy thing. She threw KK's blanket on the floor cause she didn't want it on her bed and just gave KK a dirty look. Awww......sisters. So tonight, KK snuck out of bed and asked if she could sleep with my blanket or pillow. I have a throw blanket that I've had since High School. Paul always teases me about it but I love sleeping with it under my head. Well anyhow, the girls always take turns sleeping with it and sometimes stealing my pillow. I love it though. Sometimes I will say "it's mommy's turn to sleep with her own blanket." I guess I'm still young at heart too. I love my blanket. :-)

He's Not a Baby Anymore..........

Since when did he get so big? He decided to potty train last week. He looked up at me while I was doing a P90X video and said "poppy!" He then pointed to the bathroom and off he went. I followed him in there, just for fun. I thought it was another false alarm. Wouldn't you know, a small stream of pea tinkled out and the bathroom turned into a room full of celebration and clapping. We called daddy and told him the great news. Well, for about 6 days he walked around in his sisters' underpants cause I didn't have any boy's underpants and didn't know how serious he was about this potty business. He was serious. He actually pooped for daddy on the potty. At which, I received a phone call, while I was grocery shopping. Again, much clapping and celebration. Oh, let's not forget how excited Lincoln is about getting treats for going potty. Of course, it's just a piece of Applejacks cereal. So, we went to Target on Monday and the boy has his own underpants now! He calls them "his guys" because they have Spiderman and other super heroes on them. I love it. He's growing so fast. I heard him crying this morning and I went in and crawled in bed with my little prince. He laid there and spoke so quietly to me with his soft little voice. We were head to head on a pillow. He told me that he wanted to ride bikes with daddy and that Mia and KK were on the bus. I said yes. He then played with my hair and proceeded to get out of bed and find every stuffed animal and lay them on top of me. I was under a mountain of blankets and stuffed animals. My heart melted. One day he'll be in high school and all grown up :-( I'm just cherishing now.