Monday, March 11, 2013

Baby Wyatt Grant Alexander Is Here!

Number 4 has arrived! There really aren't words enough to express the joy of birth. Birth really is a mystery and miracle all wrapped up in one sweet package. This time was different. This time we had 3 kids waiting to meet baby Wyatt. In the past, the kids have been too young to really captivate the full excitement of welcoming a new baby into the home. Paul brought the crew up as soon as he could to meet baby Wyatt. I really think they would have stayed all night, if possible. They just kept passing him back and forth and fighting over who could hold him next. Mia looked over and asked if she could stay with us that night. I think the kids missed us and were also thrilled about their new baby brother. It's amazing how gigantic our kids seemed sitting next to such a miniature bundle. What a serene moment. I had no idea how much our older kids would bond and connect right away with baby Wyatt. On our second night back, Wyatt and I hung out in the bunk bed swith the girls at bedtime. Kennedy looked over at me with a worried expression and said she hoped nothing ever happened to baby Wyatt. She was already practicing being a mom.......she was worrying about how she would protect the new life in our home. She has already adopted him as her own.

My Little 5 Year Old Man

My baby is no longer a baby. He's my Little Man! He just knows how to win my heart too. Just when I'm about to scold him for getting up out of bed for the 10th time he looks up at me and says "I need my nose kisses, mom." Now, how do you get upset about that. When we came back from the hospital with our 4th bundle, I made sure to snuggle my Lincoln that night before bed. He grabbed me and wrapped both arms around my neck and told me how he missed me and that he loved me. I love this cutie pie! He keeps our house rolling with laughter and noise. It's uncommon to walk into a 'quiet' Alexander home and quite frankly, I like that! The noises that come out of Lincoln's room are always the best though. Iron Man is crashing into Hulk and Linc is imitating their voices with the low and high tones. The car noises and the crashes against the wall remind me that he's still young and hasn't turned into a teenager yet! Thank God! So thankful that I have girls and boys in my home! Right before he was born a shower was thrown for me, in his honor, and guests wrote advice on cards for me. I was inexperienced boys and this was my favorite advice...."Boys seem to naturally love bombing and blowing up things. My best advice is to just pray a lot!" and.....the they were right!!!

Nine Already!

Kennedy's 9th birthday was a stark reality.......she's GROWING UP!
Just looking at this picture causes me to gasp and sit stuck in a moment of time. Where did 9 years of her life go? If I'm being completely honest it makes me want to scream at 'time' and bribe it to stop immediately and wait on me. Of course, I'd never be ready for time to move forward. Right now she is perfect! She is under my roof, safe, not driving, not dating, not heart broken, and just young and innocent. Remember when you were 9? I do! I used to climb my favorite tree with my walk-man (if you don't know what that're still young and innocent too!) and I'd sit up at the top listening to my Wham - Michale George tape cassette over and over. I loved Garfield, rainbows, barbies, and Punky Brewster. Life was good! As you can see, she likes Harry Potter. She received an ishuffle for her music and doll house furniture.

I love her independent and confident spirit. She really takes life by the horns and sometimes tries to take her parents by the horns! She will mostly likely do great things with her strong and gifted spirit. We pray continuously for our daughter, who's name means Chief Helmet! I know she will lead people to great things one day...maybe she will lead a movement!