Thursday, January 8, 2009

Guess Who Wants to Pierce Her Ears?

We decided to allow our daughters to make that choice. Kennedy had been asking about piercing her ears and I finally said yes. I did NOT lie to her; I told her there would be some pain, like a pinch, at first. But the pain would not last. Well, she seemed totally fine about it. As a young girl and parent waited behind me, I tried to warn them. If this woman's daughter seem hesitant now, it would only get worse. I know Kennedy and I knew she would scream like a wild woman. Sure enough they went running out of the shop when Kennedy's procedure ended.

I Guess That Hurt?

Once they pierced her ears, the reaction was exactly how I thought it would be........LOUD and LOUD! She just kept screaming. I tried to warn the mother behind me but I don't think she believed me. After 3-5 minutes, she calmed down and we went to Dunkin Donuts to sooth the "pain".

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year !

I guess we all have our goals in front of us. It seems strange that people set these goals up at the beginning of the year and yet don't follow through. Maybe it's just culture. Mia has set her goals high! She just announced to us that her job in life is to "take care of her HUSBANDS and her children"!!! Didn't know she planned on having more than one husband!! I hope for her sake, that she doesn't follow through with her goals. hahahahha

Kennedy's First Event!

Kennedy's preschool sang some adorable songs and it was just too cute to watch our oldest up on stage. Right in the middle of the event Mia said "hello sissy" as loud and as clear as a bell. Then Kennedy said "hello Mia" as loud and as clear also. That was a real treat!

Best Friends............Forever........I hope

Their relationship with one another is essential and most vital to me. I figure that if they can learn to get along, treat one another with utmost respect, and learn to appreciate one anther's strengths, even in the midst of the weaknesses, they will make the best of friends for almost any female out there. Isn't it true that we learn how to treat people by living and learning with those closest to us? They will not only be the best of friends to one another, but hopefully take care of others one day!

Family Photo After the Concert

Paul Turned 34!

Thank you friends for making Paul's birthday special. We enjoyed the yummy, yet crowded, Mexican food, the fabulous game of 'hand and foot' (girls won),and the amazing cake (made special by Michaela). 3:00am came way too fast!!!

Christmas 2008

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