Saturday, October 19, 2013

Lasting Love

Tonight my eldest daughter and I sat up and watched Little Women after the other 3 drifted off into dreamland. Our kids are on a reward system that uses little magnets and she had earned enough magnets for a late night with parents. Of course, this is one of our kids' favorites cause they get to stay up late with us, eat a snack, and choose a movie or game. Tonight Kennedy wanted me to choose the movie. I chose one of my favorites; and since she has read the book, why not!! So here is the interesting part. Kennedy is pretty tough and will NEVER admit to crying during a movie...........just like me! During the movie, a baby was screaming and passed away from scarlet fever. A few moments later I noticed Kennedy doing her usual yawn with very teary eyes and explaining that she was just 'tired'. I paused the  movie and begged her to tell me which part made her sad. Took about 5 minutes but she finally broke down; and as tears raced down her cheeks, she mumbled out her sadness over the dying baby and how it made her think of Wyatt (our 7 month old). Well she done did it! Now we were both crying and my heart truly ached too.

I really never expected our kids to be so in love and enthusiastic over our new addition to the family. You see- we have 3 older kids who constantly compete with each other for everything: food, attention, scooters, cozy spots on the couch, the Wii controls, and so forth. All typical kids stuff but it's like we birthed 3 firstborn kids. Paul and I are both first-borns and highly competitive people with giant personalities. So we are both blessed and cursed by these traits, if you know what I mean! I wondered and even prepared myself for some sibling rivalry as the new baby might steal away some attention from them. But just the opposite has occurred. Paul and I are  merely shadows in the background and the well fare of the youngest Alexander has become priority to the older kids. When Wyatt was 3 weeks old, Kennedy looked at me with tears and said "mom, I hope nothing ever happens to Wyatt- I don't want him to die". I knew then that she had fallen........fallen in love with the bundle. Every mom falls hard right after the birth. We realize that we must protect, comfort, and keep our new bundle safe. It's a feeling of great anxiety and ridiculous responsibility. It's overwhelming. She was beginning to adapt these feelings, already as a 9 year old.

Over the last 7months I have seen my 3 kids swoon and fight for 1st place - looking for attention but not from Paul and I. They want Wyatt's eyes, giggles, and smiles to fall on their faces. They complain that their sibling is in their space as they try to entertain the baby. They want one/on/one attention with the baby- no sharing. I love it. Wyatt now has 4 'mommies' in his life; myself, Kennedy, Mia, and Lincoln. Everyone has an opinion when he cries. Everyone knows why he's crying: it's the diaper, he's hungry, he's tired. Everyone plays the mom in our house. Sometimes I have to gently remind them that I'm actually the one who birthed him, but I so appreciate all the comments and help.

I truly am a blessed mommy. People constantly ask me how the kids are doing with the baby, especially Lincoln. Linc is 5 years old and the biggest personality of all. The girls laugh at him as he dances and entertains the entire family at dinner. And yet, he doesn't seem to mind sharing his spot at all. He won't go to bed until he's hugged his baby brother. He won't even go into his church class or pre-school until he tells Wyatt good-bye and gives hugs/kisses. I am so happy to have a large family and children that are close and love eachother. Family is so important. I hope we stay close over the years. I dream of having a family like we have.

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