Thursday, January 16, 2014

Making Family Count by Counting to 5

Seriously, had to dust off this blog cause I haven't written in so long. Not sure if it's cause I have 4 kids age 9 and under or because I'm at a total loss of words some days. Maybe both. But either way, I'm back. As the year kicks off we find so many people are trying to evaluate their lives and set some type of goals for the journey that lies ahead. I know I always like to aspire to further accomplishments each year. Why not have goals? They cause us to work harder and make what we have a better thing.

Last year I tried something new and plan to continue it this year. I always feel like I'm spread so thin and can't accomplish all that I want to get done. So I finally decided that I have to just focus on getting a little bit done each day instead of trying to take the hill each day. Makes no sense to me but some of us moms forget that we are not Super Woman. Go figure!

So each day I try to do these 5 things: Spend time in the Bible or reading a book that improves my life (however- the Bible is the best for me), do something helpful for my husband, do 1 thing on the housework list (i.e. laundry, vacuum, etc..), spend time playing with kids, and something for ME (exercise, nap, Coffee Shop). And so if you can count to 5, you can make it work. I will admit that some days, I only get 2-3 of those things done but I do shoot for 5. However, I'm not disappointed in only accomplishing a few. I know that my life will ebb and flow with my family. and one more thing.........

We are finally in the last stage of nailing down the Alexander Pillars. I can't function without vision and spend time wonder mindlessly through life; so I am anal and must have these in place. These pillars can literally encompass anything and everything that happens in life. Not only are they Pillars but 'rights of passages' for our children. My girls can already tell you what the 4 pillars are in our home. They have 4 birthdays that will revolve around these 4 pillars.

So here we go........ Trustworthiness hits at age 10. We will be talking with Kennedy this year and having a Tea Party with ladies that she looks up to and giving Tea Cups/Saucers to discuss this topic. Trustworthiness is so important for her to have with her relationship with her family and a great trait to look for in friends. At age 13, we will hit Gratitude (my FAVORITE). Gratitude can be the root of humility and humility is the essence of Christ- shall I say more?! Age 16, Responsibility- driving, dating, phones......blahhhhhhhhh- majorly important. Finally age 18, Compassion. A missions trip will hit again that year to a place they want to serve. Compassion for all people, of all races, all walks, and all sorts of different sins. All are loved by Christ. Hoping to always discuss these 4 pillars in our home but really make them special at certain moments in their lives. I don't know; maybe I"m crazy for doing this- hoping my kids aren't in a shrinks office one day talking about their crazy mom with 4 pesty pillars. But, my heart yells out for these characteristics and so does God's Word.

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