Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Shortcuts that our Pirates Will Take!

 Seems like each day I notice some nuances or funny little things that are out of place as I pick up the house during the day. I'm starting to see some trends and I must admit that back in my early years, I found these things to be irritating. But now.........I snicker a little bit cause it reminds me that my kids actually behave like real 'kids'- go figure!! So just for the top 10 shortcuts that Alexander kids take in order to get things done. Any of them sound familiar? They make me laugh!

10. When cleaning their room,  trash is hidden in pile behind the door- duh!

9.  Instead of folding pjs and putting them away- after wearing them for 1 night, they get put into laundry basket- I'm thinking to myself- "didn't I just wash these yesterday?"

8.  Coat hangers get shoved into the underwear drawer instead of put back in closet.

7.  Used floss strips are hidden in drawers in bathroom instead of thrown away. yuck!

6.  Dirty socks are hidden inside shoes and worn all week instead of put into laundry- upstairs. so far to walk!

5. Uniforms that fall off hangers in closet are rolled into balls and hidden in the corners of the closet- nice thinking!

4. Beds are slept on without sheets or quilts being pulled back so that they don't have to make them the next day. hmmmm.....maybe Paul and I should try that!LOL

3.  Empty almond milk containers and cereal boxes are put back into frig/cupboards instead of being thrown away. Makes no sense to me!

2.   Older kids use 'extortion' to get younger kids to help with chores- "you help me with chores and I'll give you something or help you next time"- that never works out!

1. Girls will divert from cleaning up the dog poop outside by complaining that ALL of it is soft and can't be picked up! Wait a minute- I know Clifford didn't just poop 14 times this morning and we live in AZ with NO humidity- at 100 degress- the poop turns to stone before he finishes going! LOL

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